The World in Next Few Years – Prash Trivedi


As per the grand cycle of the zodiac signs, we are transitioning into the Age of Aquarius. This transition has been gaining momentum in the last 2 decades.  The age of Pisces was on for last 2000 years, a time where blind faith and blind belief flourished based on the negative aspect of this sign. Aquarius is a sign related to science and means the path to enlightenment is no longer based on belief but on reality and facts. Aquarius is associated with revolutions, technology, electricity, internet, social freedom, real humanitarianism and mysticism. It is the sign that breaks down unnecessary constraints, limitations, oppression. Aquarius is a macrocosmic influence that continues to expand the more we move into the long term future, a future spanning the next 2000 years.

Every age of humanity brings with it a new avatar, an incarnation of Divine will, a beacon of spiritual inspiration and enlightenment. The Avatar is always the initiator of real change & he appears at the cusp of every new age which is now.

In the short long term picture Saturn moved towards its exact conjunction with Pluto in the sign of Sagittarius at the beginning of 2020. Sagittarius represents laws and beliefs. This Saturn Pluto conjunction was about the breakdown of values, laws and beliefs through stress and resistance and this set the tone for the year ahead. Since Saturn & Pluto shifted into Capricorn from February 2020 it marked a phase where enforced control by the ruling powers and governments intensifies on a collective scale. Pluto is a co-ruler of the sign Scorpio and has to do with destruction. Saturn is to do with building structures & establishing foundations so one can expect new laws being established in place of current ones.  Mars has joined Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn until May 2020. With recent events (Co-Vid 19) the past few months have especially seen the introduction of stricter mar-tial type of scene in society.

Pluto in its optimum function represents a downfall of corrupt leadership.

Saturn, “the common man” has opportunity to wake up from ignorance and realise the way they have been played & manipulated by a corrupt governing system. As a resistance to this global awakening of  mass consciousness one can expect there will be more rules and restrictions pushed down people’s throats by the governing Draconian law makers in the weeks, months to come. There are hardships and obstacles the common man has to endure because of deliberate ignroance and refusal to acknowledge nature and higher and Divine.

Pluto stays in the sign of Capricorn for approximately two more decades. The true role of Pluto’s long sojourn through the sign of Capricorn is not about oppression by worldly powers. It represents a new kind of morality based on realism, not on fraud and corruption. This new morality encompasses freedom and expansion through discipline & a real sense of responsibility.

In the short term picture, Saturn and Jupiter, 2 planets both connected to law are  affecting the signs of Capricorn until the end of 2021. Saturn’s impact on Capricorn continues through 2022.

Even in the shorter picture one can  expect a paradigm shift in terms of the law & how it is perceived. Internet will enable people to gain a new perspective. Most of the man-made laws from the last century are outdated and have no place in the future. Along with many archaic laws becoming defunct the monopoly of corporations will also be broken in the future if people make the right choice.

There are 2 kinds of laws in existence. There are the laws of the universe, (the construct we live inside of has its own laws) and then there are man made laws. People  have an opportunity at the present time to decide whether they want to believe in man made laws or the universal laws, and also to ask the question – how much sense do man made laws make?

If man made laws are not aligning with universal laws they have no meaning and only bring unhealthy restriction, oppression & unhappiness. This has been easily observable on the planet over the last 100 years.

As Saturn increases its latitude as we progress over the next 2 years, it suggests that people will stop accepting restrictions the way they have been and are being imposed upon them. The whole earth law is subject to change. There can be an entire earth law which is the same for everybody instead of individual country laws. This can be true for the side supporting individual rights & freedom and for the side that is in charge of  governmental & political legislation.

For the last 100 years people have not had truth from the mainstream media. People especially began waking up to the truth of what has been happening in that regard when the last Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurred 20 years ago in the year 2000. We are at the seed of beginning to experience the culmination of that conjunction now. Through Aquarian influences like the internet, we have access to information that was not possible to access 20 years ago. People are more informed now than they have ever been.

Truth can finally emerge into the light of reality. There can be a gaining of clarity of the truth behind faulty, corrupt political socio-economic structures.

This is a time where masses will come to know about universal laws. The only opposition to universal law has been man. Man has freewill to change the course he has been on. In past centuries man has been on a path where man made laws are completely contrary to universal laws. This has only brought suffering.

The solar eclipse that occurred on 26th December 2019 marks a brand new cycle for humanity. We can expect to feel the impact of this eclipse over the next 2 years.

Solar eclipses occur at new moons and represent a time where our sense of reality gets shaken. They tear us away from what is familiar and make us confront things in a way we would not explore otherwise.

The eclipse that occurred on 26th December was a major cosmic event with 6 planets in the sign of Sagittarius, 4 of those planets in Mula constellation. The Mula portion of Sagittarius marks the point where the galactic center intersects the zodiac. Its presiding deity is Nritti, the Goddess of destruction and negation. Mula constellation is also related to Goddess Kali, the fierce form of Parvati. Destructive forces are released under this constellation in order to pave the way for new beginnings.  It is a constellation associated with calamity, war, violence and death. Mula signifies the need for a real foundation which has no room for pretence or the superfluous.

Mula is the constellation representing the beginning of the spiritual impulse. It is a turning towards higher aspirations or ethics. Its symbolism is a tied bunch of roots. This is a time where people have to dig deeper. They can no longer skim the surface. Apart from representing getting to the root or bottom of everything this constellation shows constraints and limitations and limited movement.

All the Mula significations like limitations, constraints, calamity, death have been a constant theme following this eclipse. Besides the problems the world is facing due to political reforms & man made causes, the eclipse has heralded a time of Divine judgement in the form of unseasonable floods, cyclones, fires & other cataclysmic events.

Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets which effect the Sun and Moon at the time of eclipse. At the time of the December eclipse Ketu was in the sign of Sagittarius and Rahu occupied the sign of Gemini. Ketu in Sagittarius signifies upheavals in relation to morals, virtues, belief systems, laws and produces the impulse to grow more spiritual. It is a chaotic force and suggests growth happening in unpredictable and not so pleasant ways. At the same time changing laws and belief systems is an unavoidable direction for humanity.

Rahu in Gemini in the constellation of Ardra is related to Rudra, the destructive aspect of Lord Shiv. Rudra relates to chaos, disorder, confusion, anarchy and havoc. Ardra is to do with freshness, growth and renewal that happens only after a storm. It is a constellation connected to intelligence, a faculty that will only arise out of true inquiry and direct perception. It is the opportunity to expand one’s comprehension amidst a turbulent & chaotic situation. The sign Gemini points to a future where there will be more open communication happening amongst people in the world via mediums like the internet alongside chaotic, deceptive communications & misinformation.

Ardra is a futuristic nakshatra which releases one from the decaying past through a series of stormy events. The promise inherent in this constellation is that humanity as a whole has a chance to change for the better, and it begins in the awakening of intelligence, understanding and knowledge about oneself and what is actually happening in the world. Recent world events are providing rich soil for this potential to get activated.

On a more mundane level, the shadow of oppression and restriction that is being felt by the masses in society is heavier until Jupiter leaves the sign of Capricorn in late 2021.

In the small scale forecast there will be more positive movement and less restriction felt by people once Rahu shifts into the constellation of Mrigashira throughout the second half of 2020. The financial situation will still remain bad on the whole. Global economy is likely to only get marginally better from the second half of 2021 and that too in an Aquarian way. Things will never get back to how they were.

Ultimately humanity is moving towards a more open future, a more socially aware future. Boundaries will be destroyed and this is an unstoppable path if the right course of action is taken.

It’s a crucial time now for people to make decisions. External forces are making the decision process more easy and necessary. The adversity that is happening can be seen as positive in that sense, that there is opportunity for people to realize the truth of things & take affirmative action.

Regardless of how all the world events are taking place it is up to each individual to take their own evolution in their hands. The more rooted one is in Nature & Divine the less any external situation on earth will scare one or inhibit one’s real growth. This is the time for many where distractions are at a minimum, where people in many parts of the world have time and space to center themselves & to align with universal laws. This is what LotusOcean, my movement is about.

If people don’t take this step right now, in the future it can be much tougher to. People may not have the time, circumstances or ease to focus on their own self evolution. The world situation for people can get worse at any time so this is not a time to delay.

It’s time for people to take more care of their physical bodies, their minds, their spirit’s direction.

This is the last call for the human race to choose whether they are going to align with universal laws or not. Once people understand the truth it is up to them to decide what their future will be.